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Nov 20, 2021
If you are one of those who design for your projects without having a clue about Photoshop but have the resources to get professional finishes in your designs, this is your post. Specifically, we will talk about how to design infographics and why they are so important. First, let's define what they are. These USA Phone Number List are graphical representations of a concept in a very visual way, so graphics and images are used to better understand the data or text. Its function is to tell a story efficiently and clearly, through colors and graphics. Why use infographics? Our brain understands better the interpretation of data combined with images, much more than if we used only text and numbers. Therefore, apart from explaining concepts and understanding us better, they will also serve us to sell . The visual content is 94% more visits than simple text. In addition, using infographics will make your blog much more attractive, and you will
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increase web traffic. They will also help you sell more. How? Well, on the one hand, it serves as branding when we are disseminating relevant content with our brand. On the other, it facilitates the decision-making of your clients, who will know better our USA Phone Number List products or services through education or dissemination. Finally, it will serve us to provide an after-sales service connecting with our customers through the comments or feed-back they provide us. Why use infographics? They are really useful for explaining concepts that are difficult to understand, so you can apply them to any situation in which you have to teach something, for example in a classroom where you give a presentation.

Also when there is a lot of data processing and you want to teach it all without overwhelming the person who is going to read it. Designing infographics combining data and images is a great idea to present and highlight data that we think is relevant. You make it easy for the content of your posts to be USA Phone Number List shared on highly visual social networks, such as Pinterest. If in your blog posts in which you count or list a topic, then you make a summary in an infographic, you will have a better chance that people will share it or “pin” it on their Pinterest, both because it has value and because it is easy to understand, as because it is "pretty". design_infographics_digital_mental_exampleSteps to start designing infographics: Be clear about the content you want to express and share. It must be relevant to USA Phone Number List your users. Make a preliminary outline with the main ideas and the text that will develop them. Choose the format you are going to give it. Is it for a presentation? Do you need the sheets to be in DIN A4 format?

How long should the infographic be? Include numbers, so you can later use the chart and map tools to display your information. Choose your own visual content apart from the images USA Phone Number List that the tool you use can provide: company images, the logo, product photos, etc. Use the resources provided by the tool, such as maps, diagrams, graphics, icons, and in all their formats. Use the templates offered by the different tools so you don't start from scratch when designing. There are them depending on your objective, you can choose them and then customize them. Design tips: choose a style and do not change it throughout the presentation, choose colors and icons with USA Phone Number List aligned designs, combine at most two fonts, leave blank spaces to facilitate understanding, vary the size of the fonts to show a hierarchy, align items, etc.
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